Trimming the garden

Trimming The Garden

It is springtime and the gardens are coming to life. Your once dormant shrubs and plants are starting to grow and bud and in the blink of an eye your garden is over grown.


When it comes to trimming there are a few things to be mindful of: –


When is the best time to trim the garden?


This time of year most shrubs and plants are growing quickly and will need to be trimmed. The best time to trim is after flowering, removing dead flower heads, which will encourage new flowers coming into bloom. However, sometimes you have no choice but to give a heavy trim on a shrub or plant if it has become excessively overgrown.




Flowers are important to the environment. First they provide food for insects such as bees (pollen), which they make into honey. Secondly they are the reproductive organs of the shrub or plant. When bees gather pollen they spread “sperm” from the Anther to the Stigma this is known as pollination, aiding in the reproduction cycle of the shrub of plant. Finally, the shrub or plant absorbs minerals, water and carbon dioxide for nutrients; when the flowers are formed oxygen is released. Knowing how important flowers are to the environment will help you know when trim your garden and how much to remove.


How much to trim off a shrub or plant?



It really depends on the state of shrub or plant. If overgrown, more will need to be cut off. A rule of thumb is to cut back to the solid structure of the shrub or plant. The structure and flowers will determine how much you can cut off. A shrub or plant that is bushy with long spinally growth can be trimmed with little concern, as only new growth and a very little number of flowers will be removed. On the other hand, one that grows slower, and denser with thicker stems, needs extra care when trimming. The structure of the shrub and plant is more affected, as a larger number of flowers can be lost and thicker stems will bleed greater amount of sap. When cutting back all these factors need to be considered to avoid undue stress & negative effect to the plant throughout the growing season.




The season also determines how much can be trimmed off. During spring and summer you cut off less as it is the flowering season and the weather is getting warmer. If you trim too hard the undergrowth can be exposed to the warmer condition, burning the foliage or even killing the shrub or plant. During autumn and winter shrubs and plants can have more cut off, as the weather is cooler and there are less flowers.



Trimming according to the season, knowing when to trim and how much to remove will really help look after your garden.


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