Things to do in your garden for Autumn

We are at the last days of summer for this year and the warmer weather will start to lessen and the days will become cooler. Now is a good time to do a general tidy of your garden to prepare it for the change of season.

Weeds are the perpetual enemy of any garden and it can seem you are constantly on your hand & knees or spraying to get rid of those pesky foes. Regular weed control helps to keep them under control, however, a major weeding of the garden will also aid in keeping weeds in check. With the seasons changing from Summer to Autumn also comes the new seasonal weeds, a major weeding now, will help to keep on top of your weed maintenance weeds. (For helpful tips on weed control see our blog  

This is also a crucial time to remove any dead or dying flowers, stalks & leaves from plants/shrubs. (Note: This is not an annual prune). If left, they can begin to fester and become infected by disease that has the potential to weaken the whole plant/shrub, reducing the chance of the plant/shrub surviving winter. Surveying your garden & removing any dead or dying flowers, stalks & leaves from your plants/shrubs now will help in your effects in having a beautiful bright blooming garden in the springtime.   

If you find any disease in your plants/shrubs there is no need to worry you can still treat & save them, depending on the severity of the infection. The three most common disease found in gardens are Powdery mildew, Rust, Botrytis. (For information on these diseases and how treat them see our blog Treating any diseased plants/shrubs in your garden now will give them time to recover before entering the cold winter months and the best chance to make it through to Spring for you to enjoy.

Doing these few tasks now will reduce the workload in autumn when preparing your garden for winter.

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