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Roses. Roses. Beautiful Roses.

Whilst walking down the street and passing either your neighbors property or just one of the houses in the street, you notice beautiful blooming Roses. Stopping and admiring them in all their glory do you find yourself thinking, “How can I have beautiful blooming Roses or why don’t my Roses look like these? “

There are many factors in creating amazing eye catching Roses. The condition of the soil where they are planted, the right type of fertilizer and when to fertilize, pest control and regular maintenance. All of these play a part in producing Roses that will bloom amazing flowers during the growing season, but the most important step in creating beautiful Roses is an ‘annual prune’.


Rose 2


Removing dead flowers is not ‘annual pruning’. It is de-heading, which should be done regularly to reduce the chance of infection like (Botryis). An annual prune is when you remove growth and dead wood from the previous growing season, preparing the plant for the next season.


When you prune Roses

  • Cut back each stem to 2 -3 nod from the bottom of the stem.
  • Remove any stems growing inward to allow sun light in and air flow.
  • Remove any dead foliage as this would be taking nurturance from healthy parts




Following these basic steps when doing an annual prune, as well as fertilizing and regular maintenance, will help produce beautiful eye catching Roses in your own garden.

For further information or help with pruning your Roses contact Grajean’s Gardening Service.


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