Preparing your garden for Summer

It has been a cooler & wet Spring in Adelaide this year, with many false starts to the warmer weather we usually enjoy this time of year. This makes it even more important to ensure that your garden is ready for the hotter days of summer.


  • Now is the ideal time to fertilize hedges, shrubs, plants & lawns which will give them the nutrients & energy they need for flower blooms. Also, new growth that will help in protecting the more sensitive parts of your hedge, shrubs & plants, as well as the root system of your lawn from the harsh summer sun.
  • Weeding will help keep your garden healthy as competing root systems for water, food & nutrients are removed; doing this now before the weather warms up will be beneficial for your garden.
  • It is a good time to lay mulch in garden beds when the ground is still cool & moist from the recent rains, this acts as insulation keeping the ground moist & nutrient rich as well as keeping the ground from becoming too hot & dry from the sun when summer arrives. Mulch will also aid in the fight against the invading weeds.
  • De – heading & removing dead wood from hedges, shrubs, plants & trees will help the overall health of your garden. As the dead & dying stems & branches drain more food & nutrients away from the healthy ones, weakening the whole hedge, shrub, plant or tree making it more susceptible to heat stress during extreme hot days during summer. De – heading & removing dead wood now from hedges, shrubs, plants & trees now will help your garden stay healthy when the heat of summer reaches peak.

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