Gardening Tips for Autumn

The weather is truly cooling down as we enter the cooler period of the year. Gardens & paths are covered with layers of leaves, the blooming flowers of the growing season are faded or fading. Now that we are in the middle of Autumn it is time to prepare your garden for the winter months ahead. If you have not already started this process already, it is okay there is still time to get your garden ready.  


Many trees, shrubs & plants will be preparing to enter dormancy for the cooler period of the year. You can help them with this process by removing any dead flowers or leaves. Shrubs can be trimmed to a solid structure which can help them not to spend too much nutrients on overgrowth but store it for the growing season ahead. Remove any parts of trees, shrubs & plants that are affected by disease, if left this can cause serious damage or kill the tree, shrub or plant. To give additional nutrients, fertilize your trees, shrubs & plants as this will give them extra food over the colder months and strength to grow when the warmer days return.


If you are unhappy with where a certain plant is in your garden at the moment, now is a good time to transplant that particular plant to a place more suiting. The soil is still warm, and days are cooler, which will help reduce the shock to the plant. Preparation of the new planting site is important, so remove any debris or rubbish, prepare the soil adding new fresh soil as require depending on the state of the existing soil in the area. When transplanting, ensure all the roots of the plant are removed without any major damage to the roots. After replanting, apply fertiliser and water in.


A garden does not need to be colourless during the colder months of the year, there are many plants that bloom during the cooler period. Pansies, Violas, Primula, Hellebore are some the plants you can add to your garden now that can brighten it during the greyer days ahead of winter.  


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