Autumn Gardening

Autumn is an important time when it comes to looking after your garden and lawn, so now is the time to prepare your garden for the coming Winter months. Here are some tips to help look after your garden and lawn during Autumn & to prepare them for Winter.

During March, April and May the growth of Spring and Summer plants, shrubs & tree generally start slow down as the growing season comes an end.  In these months it is time to trim back plants & shrubs to a solid structure cutting off all long growth of your plants and shrubs. If your plants & shrubs are still flowering don’t trim them until it has finished flowering as they are storing up nutrients food for Winter. Autumn is also the time to fertilize your plants, shrubs & trees to  give them extra nutrients to help them to be ready for the colder months of Winter. Fertilizing your plants, shrubs & trees in the Autumn months will also give extra nutrients for them when they begin growing again in Spring.

Lawns also need your attention during Autumn to get them ready for Winter.  Autumn is a good time to fertilize. As it is still the growing season for lawns & with the milder weather, it is the perfect time to fertilize lawns giving the nutrients they need for the cooler months and extra strength to fight off invading weeds during Winter. Also, when you mow your lawn during Autumn make sure you have your mower just a little higher so as to give the lawn a bit more length to help with photosynthesis as there is less sunlight during the colder months, it will also help with reducing weeds. Continue doing this also through Winter. This preparation for your lawn during Autumn will help it to be green and lush in Spring time.

Leaves are another important factor during Autumn, left alone, they will build up in your garden and on the lawn. It is important that these leaves are cleaned up, for if they are left they can cause disease in your garden and lawn, weakening them and allowing  weeds to take over during Winter, especially in lawns. Cleaning up leaves during the Autumn months will help keep your garden and lawn healthy.

If you follow these simple steps in looking after your garden during the Autumn months, this will help your garden come alive with blooming flowers, shrubs & trees attracting wild life to your garden when Spring  arrives. However to achieve this, it all starts in the Autumn months.

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