Trimming The Garden

It is springtime and the gardens are coming to life. Your once dormant shrubs and plants are s...

Roses pruning by Grajean’s Gardening Service

Roses. Roses. Beautiful Roses.

Whilst walking down the street and passing either your neighbors property or just one of the h...

Autumn Gardening by Grajean's Gardening Services

Autumn Gardening

Autumn is an important time when it comes to looking after your garden and lawn as this is th...

We offer a range of services


Lawn Mowing

Our experts will keep your lawn looking great.

Garden Maintenance

Enjoy the benefits of having a garden, without the work.

Garden Restoration

Grajean's will help restore your garden to its former glory.

Yard Clean-up

Have your yard kept the way you want, without the work!

Rose Pruning

Enjoy the beauty of roses without the pressure of keeping them alive.


We water, feed, and fertilize to help your garden be its best.

About Grajean's Gardening Service

About Grajean's

Grajean's Gardening Service offers complete garden and lawn maintenance for homes and businesses that want a beautifully maintained property without the work it requires. We offer our clients lawn mowing services, garden maintenance and restoration, yard clean-up, rose pruning care, and irrigation services. Established in 1998, Grajean's Garden Service is dedicated to helping our clients enjoy their property without the hassle of maintaining it. We customize our plans offering basic to premium service packages based on your needs.Our Mission Our aim is to provide excellent personal service, performed in an efficient and professional manner. Building strong customer relationships, in a positive team environment to meet the needs of our clients and create a successful business where by we can put back into the community.Contact us today for a free quote!